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Component of Fitness - Anthropometry

Calculate how many days to Achieve your Target Weight

Weight is a significant factor in interpreting and assessing overall body compostion and health risk factors. This utility can help you to manage your weight and to predict the period that it will take you to achieve a certain weight loss, given a target weight, activity levels and food intake. Knowing your Active Metabolic Rate (which is the energy that you require to maintain your present weight) is crucial as will give you the ability to manage your calorie (kJ) intake so that you can achieve the weight loss you desire.

Population based estimated kJ daily requirements (One calorie = 4.186kJ)
Age (years) kJ per Day (Male)kJ per Day (Female)Your AMR*
19-309,000-16,900 7,100-13,900
31-50 8,900-15,800 7,300-12,500
51-70 8,200-14,700 6,900-12,000
70+ 6,300-13,500 5,600-11,500
Note on Active Metabolic Rate Based on your body composition and given your present body weight and Activity Index, your Active Metabolic Rate (energy intake) will be calculated for you once you either Sign In or enter your Assessment Data
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Your Metric Imperial
Target Weight (kg) (lbs)
Target Food Intake (kJ) (cal)

Days to Achieve Target Weight



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